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Any good SharePoint books?

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    If anyone has suggestions, or has titles they use Smiley

    Mainly for setup and deployment, etc etc. Not Web Parts.

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    Good books on the subject are rare... Sharepoint is an awesome technologies... but to use it you are pretty much on your own.

    If what your looking for is how to setup and maintain a SPS site (Sharepoint Portal Server) things are better, but if it's for WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services)... not so bright!

    Anyway, here's two books I use

    Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Unleashed


    Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit

    And I will immediatly say to you, if you want to maintain, restore and backup those WSS Sites you have... drop the included "tools" and go for something from Avepoint ( There Trashbin control and DocAve tool are very very strong and enable you to restore, backup whatever you want from wss sites without having to mess with SQL Server contents databases!

    I hope Microsoft adress the tool area in Sharepoint 3.0... it almost killed our effort to use Sharepoint at our organization!


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    Thanks, I'll give those 2 books a good look Smiley

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