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OnBeginShutdown does not fire

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    Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    I've created three Outlook add-ins in the last one year using VB.NET. With all the three, the problem has been that when I close Outlook after using it, Outlook still hangs around in the memory and I have to go to the task manager and shut down the process Outlook.exe.

    It looks like one or more of the objects from my add-in does not get cleaned/collected and hence the add-in does not get unloaded causing OUTLOOK.EXE to stay in memory for longer than expected. And OUTLOOK just stays and stays and stays there until you kill it.

    I've checked thoroughly. None of my objects have valid references to anything. On OnStartupComplete, I create a few menu items on the Outlook menu and a few tool bar buttons on the Outlook standard tool bar. They are all temporary controls as in they have their Temp property set to True, so they are supposed to remove themselves.

    All other objects I create of my own UDTs, I clean myself by setting their references to Nothing JIT just after use.

    I clean up references to the menus and toolbars I created, just in case, in the OnBeginShutdown. But the event does not even fire. Something wierd happens in between the user clicking the cross button on the Outlook title bar's control box and the OUTLOOK.EXE staying resident in memory.

    I am using Outlook 2000 on Windows 2000 Professional with SP4. What's happening here? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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