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    Not specifically a "Microsoft-related" question, but it seems that among the Niners we have a broad range of knowledge.  So I offer this question to my C9 bretheren--albeit a bit embarassed to be asking a networking question.  I'm supposed to know this!

    I am having problems getting my two static IPs to "talk" to one another.

    I have two IPs that can access the Internet just fine. From another computer on the Internet, I can reach my IPs just fine. However, I can't reach one IP from the other.

    I've got my modem connected to a Netgear FS605 switch. I've got one line running to my router and another goes directly to a computer. The computers behind the router use NAT and can reach the Internet just fine. Same thing with the computer.

    Now the computer that's running directly off the router is running Windows 2K3. It's at My router is at
    I imagine you can browse to the simple dummy websites on both of those (ignore my . (The 131 forwards port 80 to a local machine behind the router.)

    I've done remote desktop to a system elsewhere on the net and they can get to those IPs just fine.  HOWEVER, I can't connect from my "public" x.x.x.64 machine to my router (x.x.x.131) ... and my machines behind the router that can access ALL of the internet just fine can't seem to get anything through to my x.x.x.64 address.

    My logic:
    IP #1 can reach internet. Internet can reach IP #1.
    IP #2 can reach internet. Internet can reach IP #2.
    IP#1 should be able to reach IP #2.

    Note: tracerts time out trying either direction.

    Any ideas?  Thanks!

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    Do you have a firewall running on any of the computers?

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    I've got a firewall on some of the XP machines behind my router.

    Here's a more detailed view:

    Windows 2k3 default install + IIS

    Netgear router
        - Windows 2k3 default install + IIS (router forwards port 80 to this machine)
        - XP box #1 w/ Windows Firewall turned on
        - XP box #2 w/ Windows Firewall turned on

    More thoughts on the topic...
    This is how I think it should work.  Computer on IP#1 tries to get to IP #2.  It should say... "Oh we're on the same subnet, let me broadcast around to see who's got this IP."  Then my router on IP #2 should say, "Here I is!"

    BTW, my subnet mask for both is

    EDIT: you can probably browse to my IPs and see the dummy pages I have on IIS.

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    Found the solution.  I (for some lame reason) had an incorrect static route set in my router.

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