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Video Capture using AudioVox SMT5600 Smartphone

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    I am trying to create an application which gets a live video feed from my smartphone camera with the purpose to send it over a protocol such as:
    - HTTP
    - OBEX
    - Other available protocols.

    The difficulty I have is related to the fact that I need to get that live feed and process it realtime and send it over that particular protocol.
    After many days of search, over the net I found that the best way to do this is using DirectShow API.

    As you can imagine these APIs are not managed and the sample code all is C++. While C++ is not my best stength in programming I consider I can manage to get thru with this part of programming.

    The questions I have are the following:
    - Can I deploy and use this DLL which will contain the DirectShow APIs into my Smartphone?
       I know the Interop part will work anyway, but my concern here is the following:

    - This dll will contain DirectShow APIs. Once installed into my smartphone, do I need also to have these DirectShow API installed in my smartphone or the DLL at compile time will include them all and at the runtime will just reference them from "inside of the DLL" ?

    The above presented aspect is not clear for me.

    A good piece of advice will be the most appreciated, since I don't want to start working on this C++ part of the code and then to find out that I still need DirectShow to be installed in my Smartphone...

    Thank you for your time.

    With best regards,

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    I'm not sure of the answer to this one but i have just e-mailed Marcus Perryman for you with the link to this post as he mentionned something about being able to access the camera data through bit streams in C++ in one of his talks a few weeks ago.  Hopefully he will come back to us with a bit more information.

    I am interested in finding out the best way of doing this as well. 


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    Thank you very much for your help.

    Meantime, I took my time to search even more in these documentations I have and over the net and I will consolidate some links which I'll post them here.

    For example I found this good DirectShow library which is open source:


    They provide the library and the C# VS Net projects for their sample applications.

    I think is useful to read and understand these projects.
    I will have a closer look today to this library and the sample projects.

    With best regards,

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