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Which way to go ?

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    Bark at the moon

    I realize this is a very general question but as one starting to explore the world of programming (being a sysadmin) I need a pointer.

    What I'm trying to do is write a program that lets me choose a server, eventtype (and preferrably all other setting you can set in the filter) and eventlog (or several of each) that then shows my selection. The idea is that that makes it easier to diagnose a problem, for I could select from one application on my desktop.

    I'm trying to learn both WSH and C# right now. Can something like I described (assuming it is a bit clear Smiley ) be done in either, or another language?

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    You need to use WMI to get access to those things. Check msdn on how to use it.

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    Bark at the moon

    That rings a bell, thanks Smiley

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