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Please help me :( im so stuck

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    i am trying to use a mdb as my membership database, im following the devx tutorial but it doesnt work Sad

    heres what i have so far

    the class
    the error

    please please help asap i cant figure this out and been stuck for 2 days

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    Take a look at the corresponding MSDN documentation at

    It looks like you have to implement a lot more abstract members from the ProviderBase and MembershipProvider classes in order have a valid custom membership provider.

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    well heres the issue when i did the code exactly the same i was forced to put mustinherits... because when pasting direct from devx i got errors that a bunch of stuff was "mustoverride" and to add mustinherit or to correct.... devx said supposedly when you inherit the classes that it was supposed to create all the needed overrides for me but it didnt.... what to do?

    EDIT: I got it working by using the sample provider from msdn... very hard to find actually. someone really needs to inform devx that there tutorial isnt working at all.

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