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IE limit of 255 chars on Refresh header?

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    It is a common practice in the web development world to create auto-redirecting pages by using one of these two techniques:

    1) Use an HTTP "Refresh" header
    Refresh: $seconds; url="$url"

    2) Use a <meta> tag to approximate the "Refresh" header
    <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="$seconds; url=&quot;$url&quot;">

    where $seconds is a numeric delay between page load and redirect, and $url is the redirection target (the '; url="$url"' bit is optional)

    However the first method fails in IE if the length of the "value" part of the Refresh: header is > 255.  For the precise format above, this translates (for single-digit seconds) to url length > 246.

    The second method works for much longer URLs.

    See the HTTP Refresh test page I threw together:

    I have verified via HTTP sniffing that the web server software is correctly adding the header... in fact, the long URLs work correctly in Firefox.

    Caveat: The "Refresh" header is non-standard.

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    Eric Law of the Internet Explorer team will file a bug
    (see comment timestamped Thursday, January 19, 2006 1:36 PM)

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    You can just use JavaScript I guess for the time being...

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    Or even better, use a shorter URL (generated by TinyURL, or a homebrew one on your server). Is there any reason for having an URL that long?

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    My current workaround is to check whether the URL is longer than 246 characters, AND the browser is IE - if both are true I add the <meta> tag.  I add the HTTP header regardless.

    As to why... the application in question is a job site.  Clients want applications referred to URLs of their choosing... sometimes the URLs they give us are longer than 255 characters.

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