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    Are you saying we should spam back Alachisoft?

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    ZippyV: I think, if you read between the lines, you might be right.

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    I just tried to go to that site, but the firewall of our company won't allow me: apparently the site is on some kind of spamming blacklist.

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    I sent them a email and got this in reply:

    "Hi Arran,

    Please accept our apologies. Our intention is not to spam. One of our
    marketing interns goes around and posts product intro's and press releases
    wherever it is "appropriate" (meaning where they allow such postings). She
    has made an error of judgement in this case.

    I'll ask her to see if she can remove this posting. And, again please accept
    our apologies for any misperception.

    Iqbal M. Khan

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