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Please HELP (VS2003)

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    Travis H

    Okay, It's safe to say that I'm really pissed off right now. I've got (had) my entire GUI designed (as far as custom controls go, some are Infragistics, others are my own custom controls).

    Good for me right?  Yeah, it was until Visual Studio decided it was going to do some freaky (I need to watch my language) (I need to watch my language)....

    It appears that visual studio has removed all of the designer code for my custom controls that I had configured.For example, I added my main menu, toolbars, etc and had them all customized out (labels, and images). 

    It seemed to all work until I closed visual studio, and then re-opened the project.  None of my customizations were there, and the the designer code wasn't even there for those controls.

    It was still bitching about " Code generation for property 'Panels' failed.  Error was: ''UltraStatusPanelTypeConverter' is unable to convert 'Infragistics.Win.UltraWinStatusBar.UltraStatusPanel' to 'System.ComponentModel.Design.Serialization.InstanceDescriptor'.'" for the status bar, however there is no code like that in the project... period.

    Okay, so how about a second time?  After I had time to get calm I decided to re-design the GUI.  I had it all looking good in the IDE, and decided to look at the designer code.... NOT A DAMN THING!

    So of course, when I clicked "debug" none of my customizations were there.

    Is there a patch for this, or a work-around?  Because I'm really really pissed off, to the point where I'm about to kill my computer Smiley  (However I've promised not to in another thread [6]).

    Please help!


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    That bug p1ssed me off so much I just moved to VS2005 Beta 1 and have been using it since. (I'm on a big project that won't be delivered until after VS2005 is well released)

    See here for a previous discussion.

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    Travis H

    Okay, this is the third or fourth time that I've had this problem, but this is the first time I've tried this:

     - Remove all of the 3rd party references (in this case, the shared controls libraries of IF).

     - Re-add the the controls so that the references are automatically added to the project, or manually add them again.

    This worked for me... this time, but no guarntee that it actually would have in the other cases.

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