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Sub-windows (MDI) in Avalon?

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    Before anyone jumps on me Smiley I know you can do this via HWND interop and using WinForms, but I am trying to find alternatives (for a reason).

    I know it's been of the developers (msn space blog), Mentas, had a screenshot of it in Avalon - but with nothing more (no info on how did, or what he used). Chris Anderson has been doing it for some time with his AvPad (his 2nd version of XamlPad). The latest sources don't seem to work with Sept. CTP and the code is too confusing to abstract out (just the MDI part).

    Couple of other people at MS have also mentioned this, and almost everyone says Interop is the best way, but for certain things (like small property windows or dialogs) you probably want to use Avalon for the 'coolness' factor. So, how do we do it?

    Anyone working on a sample, or prototype that would like to share the code/ideas?

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