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arrange TreeNode Items based on Images

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    Hi guys,

        How do you arrange Treeview items, according to the image index?

    for example you have

        Img1- File1
        Img2- File3
       -Img2 File4
       -Img4 File3

    So i want to arrange files based on the image index of the tree node, or the listview too,,

    such that, items with image index x, get on top, then items with index y and so on

    also, i want to order them based on order of possessing image,,

    like  a file with image x, and another file with image x, i want the first file that had the image to be on top of the second, and so on.... (like message Trun line)

    how do i implement this on C# 2.0?

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    for example,
    you want to sort high priority mail, with a given icon, on top
    and each is ordered by time of arrival among the high priority mail,
    than after than  normal unread mail, and then after than normal read mail

    and so on,

    how to implement that?

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    FYI, you've asked a really weird question; its similar to asking someone "How do I sort a list of integers from lowest to highest?" Kind of answers itself.

    If that's not your problem, you should maybe be more specific.

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    I have a listview (or treeview)

    Users can raise their hand in order to get a mic, How do i arrange the list based on Hand (Image) order?

    Then After that, Users with Cam, and then after that normal listeining users?

    how do i do that in C# for example?

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