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.NET framework and Voice over IP (VoIP)

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    Hi guys,
       does the .net framework support a way to do VoIP?
    namely, if you want to talk to a friend over the internet, how to capture the voice from the mic or input device, and send it over to a voice server, and then the voice server would send it to listeners (broadcast it) and then play it, live?

    i need to get some ideas as to how people implement this ?


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    why are there no built-in classes in the .NET framework for dealing with sound???. This holds true not only for audio playback, but also for audio capture

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    Cool!, it seems like you're involved with the same kind of projects as I am Smiley

    And yes, the .NET framework has no classes at all for this kind of stuff.  But did you check out the Speech Server product already? Of live communication server?  You can also find several open-source SIP stacks on the Internet.

    Can you tell a bit more about what you're trying to build?  A soft-phone?

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    I am trying to make a live conference application using C#.NET 2.0

    but i cant seem to find .net framework of much help

    like how can i capture voice from a mic, or an input device?
    i dont want to use directx sdk, i wished .net framework would make it easier

    also, what about codecs? no C# speex for example?

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    has some parts in .NET:

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    I was thinking last week how cool it would be to implement VoIP with the Speech Server. 

    Anyone fancy linking up on developing an extentsion to the framework?

    Would be a very cool idea!!

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    Would be extremely cool indeed!

    What we really need in fact is a product like Asterisk (= open source VoIP pbx on linux platform, great core but really sucks at the API/interfacing level) but developed in .NET, with web services, and technology such as SQL Server 2005 (with notification services / reporting services).

    If you could gather enough people (with the right knowledge), I would be willing to take up the challenge.

    Do you realize that would in fact be the first open-source VoIP server for the Windows platform on the surface of this earth!!

    For H.323 we can use the Open.H323 library, which is available in a Win32-version.  For SIP you can find open-source stacks as well.  IAX2 I'm not so sure about, client libraries exist, but maybe they are not suitable for server-side use?  We don't really need Skinny / SCCP, as Cisco VoIP phones can be flashed with SIP firmware.

    Most softphones nowadays work with SIP or IAX2.  The greatest benefit of using IAX is that it's much easier to pass over routers / NAT.  With SIP many users experience problems like one-way audio.

    Well, I can provide tons of further information (I work for a company that provides VoIP services), but let's first see if there is enough animo for such a project Smiley

    For the speech (IVR) logic, Microsoft uses SALT, but you also have VoiceXML.

    Linking it with Speech Server would indeed be very cool, as then applications such as voice recognition would become available.

    For TTS (text-to-speech), I think the Scansoft engines sound the best (at least if you want international support).  But they are not free of course Tongue Out

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    Tyler Brown

    This sounds like a really interesting project, one that I'd like to be a part of. The only problem is I don't know exactly what I have to offer for this project. I'd love to do some coding in C#, but I've got no experience with VoIP. Also, with work and school, I'd have a limited amount of time to comit, but I'd love to be in on this.

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    hey dotnetjunkie.

    Sound like you know your stuff!! 

    Personally my time is limited (working on my own little project, nothing interesting or special) so that can be put on hold easily. Plus I have just installed WoW and have a feeling thats going to kill my time.


    I would be so up for this,  my problem is its a bit too big to do by myself so it would be great if 4-5 of us really got stuck into this project - could be very interesting programming to complete.

    A .net framework extenstion would be the best,  and then build (separately but as part of the same project) the Asterisk type program to show off the power of what we developed.

    Open-Source server <<<<<<--- how cool....

    If people want to msn me, maybe we can discuss a few ideas and see where we can go....
    I'm really looking forward to developing products to do with VoIP.  And linking it to Speech server would be the iceing on the cake.

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    I am trying to develop a solution Client and Multithreaded Server on top of .net that allows Text, Voice,Video, on top of C# 2.0

    The server is central server, and has admins and users, and different colors and stuff .... pretty neat, but i wished .net framework was already has some kind of voice support,

    i hope its added in version 3.0 of the .net framework though,  in a year or so, if not  then developing an extension to the framework sounds good especially if its open source

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    The DirectX SDK has managed support for DirectSound -- which is pretty low-level. If you don't mind getting down there, it may be helpful.

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