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Bluetooth point-to-multipoint

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    I'm new to Bluetooth programming, and I need to be able to create a program that will allow a pc to act as a file server.

    It will allow a lecture hall of students with PDAs or smartphones access to the tutorial examples held on the lecturer's PC, i.e. Point-to-multipoint.

    I have done some research on the issue and was wondering what others thought. It seems there will be a problem with the max size of a piconet being 7. I'd also wanted to program in Java too, but the turnaround time for inquiry and pairing is in the 10s range. With a possible 100 students this could be too long.

    I would appreciate any advice or guidance on this. Any recommendations on the language to use, how to increase the no. of users connected at any one time or methods around this issue?


    p.s. great site wish i'd found this earlier

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