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Is FX COP Dead?

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    Andrew Webber FX

    Hey Guys,

    i remember a while back when FX Cop was starting up people were complaining about how the BLC seemed to show one to many warnings. i even remember folks talking about it being cleaned up in 2.0 and FXCop being part of VS2005.

    Why is the framework 2.0 and im guessing here WPF,WWF[not raw Tongue Out] and WCF, default project templates and such still not passing basic FX Cop runs?

    Should i include FX as a build task in MSBUILD if i dont have VSTS [if included in VS2005]


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    Michael Fanning [MS]

    FxCop is very much alive. The framework development teams spent many development hours addressing issues pointed out by the tool. (Many issues that existed in previous versions of the framework also still exist, as resolving these would constitute a painful breaking change for applications). FxCop has also been integrated into the Team System editions of VS2005. And we are at work planning new functionality for future versions. Check out the FxCop forum for any future questions you might have.

    Michael Fanning
    VS Code Analysis Development

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