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Should I install CF 2.0 in a WM 2003 based Device?

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    I tried to install the CF 2.0 into my Smartphone (AudioVox SMT5600) and while performing the install I received a warning message from my Smartphone saying that:

    "This program is not designed for this platform and it may not function properly"

    Then I was offered to continue with my installation.
    I aborted the install so far, until I am getting clarified if this install will not impact negatively my Smartphone.

    Could someone tell me if should I proceed with the install?

    Thanks a lot,

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    Mike Dimmick

    Actually, looking at ".NET Compact Framework v2 .CAB files explained" suggests that .NETCF 2.0 is not supported on WM 2003 Smartphone.

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    CF 2.0 is ONLY supported on Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Second Edition)...

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    GooberDLX wrote:
    CF 2.0 is ONLY supported on Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Second Edition)...

    What?? No 2002 or 2003 1st ed?

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    Sven Groot

    Alt-F4 wrote:
    GooberDLX wrote: CF 2.0 is ONLY supported on Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Second Edition)...

    What?? No 2002 or 2003 1st ed?

    It works fine on my plain old WM2003 (no SE) device.

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    Actually the AudioVox SMT5600 has Win Mobile 2003 SE.
    But as I could see the Mike's post and the link posted by him it seems the CF 2.0 is not compatible with the smartphone having this kind of os.

    There are definitely in CF 2.0 some features which will call Win Mobile 2005 os features and will not work with Win Mobile 2003 SE.
    I was the most interested to do more programming against the camera on this device but it turned out is more difficult than I imagined due to lack of support of Win Mobile 2003 for this kind of programming.

    What was offered as object model it was mostly in C++ and  I could only open a player and record the stream. But I wanted to take the video stream and manipulate it differently, in order to send it over the HTTP or OBEX. This kind of programming was possible only with DirectShow which is not available on Win Mobile 2003.

    Wouldn't be better to create a device independent Camera API which would allow software developers more freedom in creating these video applications?...

    I think the guys on Win Mobile group should take notice of this need.

    I read on one of the Win Mobile blog's that the Microsoft creates the os and the manufacturers are writing the drivers. Fair enough but if we could get a handle on the driver's features thru this device independent API we as developers could have more freedom over our programming and create richer more complex applications.

    I mean why shell out 500 $ for a new device just to get new os features and a new programming framework as CF 2.0?...
    Should old Win Mobile 2003 die or further releases because of this way of creating a platform?

    I will probably buy a new Win mobile Smartphone in one year from now...

    Mr. Balmer said in the last PDC that he acknowledges that the software development release cycles are too long... and a more incremental approach would be healthier.

    So, why not apply the same idea to Windows Mobile?...

    I also consider that the Windows Mobile team should get a deeper feedback from its developers out there. After all is our ideas and applications which will make this platform survive the competition.

    Thanks for your time,

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