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View Thread: Developing Parts for Vista's sidebar: how to create .part files ?
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    Winston Pang wrote:
    if i remember correctly it's really just a compresssed file so if u compress it and rename the extension to .part that will be fine.

    Extract a pre-existing .part file to see what other files u need for gadgets to function.

    Thank you for this info.

    Renamed to .zip and extracted all files.

    There are 2 .xml files, 2 .js files and some .png files.

    Also found more info in Channel 9 at this url:

    Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets

    there's a 42 minutes video about building gadgets (AKA Parts) for Vista's sidebar

    i'll watch it just now. I'm curious about the possibility to write more complex Parts using Visual Studio 2005 (DLLs ?).