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DrawString emsize and centered glyph.

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    Still scratching my head; drawing text using C#

    The objective : scale a character constrained in a rectangle as a glyph.

    But I want it to be filling a rectangle as much as possible. Text portion of the character should be centered in that rectangle.

    The objective is to have a scalable control that scales as smootly as possible with its contained text when you resize it.

    Let's call it the "Smooth Vector Scale Control".

    So far I am able to guess the right emsize for the rectangle, the screen dpi, for a specific font. I derive emsize using a zoom factor until one of the edges of the character reaches the rectangle edges.

    But centering it is my main problem now as drawString will not draw starting a 0,0 but with an offset for character spacing all around the character being print. Which is desireable when printing strings.
    ( You don't want that underscore positioned at 0,0 ).
    But this is it. I want my underscore positioned at 0.0 or at least to know its bounds in the layout.

    This is a way out: 
    Derive the printable content (ink) only.
    Or Retreive the bounds (size and the position) for the smallest rectangle containing all the printable ink content.
    With that I could be centering my text properly.

    Is there another idea out there?

    Requirements :
    - Any character of any font.
    - Scales with rectangle 
      (proportionally until one edge reached)
    - Any DPI
    - .NET framework, C#

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    Have you considered constructing a Metafile of your text and/or graphics, retrieving the dimensions, setting a GDI+ transformation, and then "playing" the Metafile to the screen?

    Admittedly, System.Drawing.Imaging.Metafile isn't the most documented class, but it sounds like it should be right up your alley.

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    I will defenitely look at it now.

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    Tom Servo

    You wouldn't want to know the headaches I had with DrawString while writing a custom text viewer for my IRC client, all just to get proportional characters to line up correctly.

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