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Batch building solutions with MSBuild

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    I have a group of about 10 solutions that need to be built in order, which I currently use a batch file that calls msbuild multiple times.

    Is it possible (I'm sure it is Smiley) to build a single msbuild file that will build all the solutions for me, and importantly, stop when there are build errors in one of the solutions?

    Any help would be appreciated, I'm reading the MS-Build docs on MSDN at the moment, but I thought one of you could push me in the right direction quicker!



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    It depends on the files used to build individually; and if they're customised.

    But yes, the simple way would be to create a build project that calls msbuild on each of the sub projects.

    If you were trying to be cute you might consider doing the ** trick and looking through subdirectorys for project files, but that would mess your dependancies.

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