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Easy way to convert GetSchema DataTable into a real DataTable?

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    I'm playing around with "DB Reflection" with the DBConnection.GetSchema method.  Nice and easy to use, but the information for the schema comes back as a big ole table that I have to parse.  (in my case, I'm getting the columns for a particular table)

    Is there an easy way to "convert" this GetSchema result table into a DataTable schema?  That is to say a DataTable with Columns that have all of the properties brought back from the GetSchema.  This way I can query my column properties (such as DataColumn.Autoincrement) in a more logical way.

    OR, is anyone aware of any code snippets out there that will do the conversion for me, that I can copy and paste in.  I've been googling, but can't find anything useful.

    OR, is there an easy way to get at this information that doesn't use GetSchema?  I tried a "SELECT TOP 1 * from MyTable" into a DataSet, but the column properties like Autoincrement and AllowNull weren't filled...

    If there ISNT a way to do this, then I hope someone at MS takes it as a suggestion for the next ADO.NET point release or something.  Just a simple method added to Connection like  DataTable SqlConnection.GetTableSchema or something to do the conversion for us.

    Its late.  I hope this blathering makes sense.

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    Wow.  Is the question that bad, or does no one actually use GetSchema?

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