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Annoying problem with ListView's BackgroundImage

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    So I have a ListView that I am working with. I'm using Visual Studio 2005, so I have the ability to set the BackgroundImage, but for some reason, whoever was in charge of the control decided that the image should scroll with the text. I'm looking to take an image and drop it in the background and have it never move.

    One thing I tried was dropping an image into the form behind the ListView and setting the background to transparent, which requires you to subclass the ListView and do some SetStyle commands, including UserPaint. While that does indeed let me see the image I put behind it, it requires me to redo the entire painting of the control, which, sadly enough, I can't seem to get to work.

    Does anyone know of a workaround or a control I can get that lets me drop a static background image in to this ListView? I don't mind going with a commercial product if that's what I have to do.

    Thanks for any help. I've been working on this for a few days, and can't seem to get anything I try to work.

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