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Interface design with Avalon?

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    What's the story on user interface design with Avalon? Any good designers that pump out Xaml code available yet? I'm looking to get my feet wet with WPF.

    On a similar note, where's the Xaml compiler at? Its not included with the WinFX Runtime (November), so I'm wanting to know if its included with the SDK before I download that 700MB behemoth.

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    Tyler Brown

    Everything you need is found in the CTP's. Read this page here for the installation order of the required components.

    As for interface design, Microsoft is working on Sparkle, part of the Expression suite,  which is currently only available to MSDN subscribers.

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    Try Aurora. It's not pretty but it gets the job done.

    And hold on. Sparkle is available to MSDN subscribers? I need to find a leak! Tongue Out

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    Sparkle is not yet available on MSDN. I think the above sentance was incorrectly written - Expression suit is "sort of" available...(Only the Acrylic product is there, and I think you an even get it free from Microsoft downloads).

    If you want Sparkle or Cider (VS integration) then at this point you either need to join the ISV Ascend program (large corporations can join this so they get internal daily bits) or find someone who wants to risk the job and leak it on BT Wink

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    Thanks for all the great links!

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    The other thing you could do is download a trial version (or buy if you find it works well for you) of Adobe Illustrator.  Design your user interfaces, and then use the XAML exporter plug-in.  I believe there's a link in the Wiki.  This will get you some rudimentary capability for the time being, although I'm sure the plug-in will continue to improve over time.

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