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View Thread: Installing Exchange 2003 on Server 2003 with SP1
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    Ok I've tried this twice today without success I'm clearly doing something, somewhere, wrong.

    My network setup is rather confusing but basically it's like this:

    Internet -> XP Pro box -> Server -> Network Switch -> Parents Laptops & other wired desktop boxes.

    The firewall and NAT software is hosted on the XP Pro box and so currently it is all achieved by port forwarding. I haven't experienced any problems with this yet except DNS setting entries to the internal IP address by default but I changed that.

    So on to the Exchange install. I followed the check list and all the tests etc finished good. Got it installed fine. Read up on the error message saying I have to apply SP1 or SP2 or it won't work so thought sure thing I'll install SP2.

    Now I also setup an SMTP Connector for my primary domain The domain is setup in the local DNS server however is still hosted on other nameservers and I have set an A record for to my external IP and CNAMED the MX record to

    I try to send out mail from Exchange and it works fine, even to remote servers, so relaying is working. I try to receive mail however with no luck.

    MX has been changed probably 2-4 hours however when I looked up I instantly had the new IP, same with everyone else I got to try it so hopefully it should have updated.

    I setup the mailboxes by simply adding users to Active Directory. It may be worth noting I added the SMTP connector after I setup the AD users & mailboxes. I also setup Recipient Policies for SMTP or something, can't remember the exact term.

    I'm still not receiving mail, port 25 incoming TCP is forwarded to the box (I missed this until recently! *oops*)

    So anyone got any ideas why this aint working? Could it just be i'm being impatient and the MX change hasn't propogated or should I be worried I've screwed up?