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Recommendations for minimum specs

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    I am looking to build a little server to host all of our extranet services.

    Server will be assuming the roles of:
    File Server
    Application Server
    Domain Controller (Active Directory)
    DNS Server
    DHCP Server
    Streaming Media Server

    Will also require Exchange 2003 Standard with MS SQL 2005.

    From recommendations I think the minimum spec will have to be:

    P4 2.8GHz (533MHz FSB)
    2GB DDR Ram
    80GB HDD
    100Mbit NIC, 10Mbit connectivity.

    anyone care to agree/disagree?

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    I'd rather get two separate servers for SQL and Exchange.

    I'm also not a major fan of making the DC the Exchange server as well, so put SQL Server on that.

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    I would like just a single box to be running everything for the extranet. SQL Server 05 could be substituted with SQL Server Express, I guess, if it is less memory hungry.

    Exchange will only be powering the company staff mails and will only be available by POP3/SMTP/OWA. Maybe mobile compatability but would only be testing at first.

    The reason I ask is I can get a box of that spec for £200 right now so if it would do the job, I may as well just jump on that offer Wink

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    as a rule, I would go for the most expensive machine and highest spec that you can afford because you can bet your bottem dollar that in a few years time it will be obselete and need upgrading/replacing

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    Well I'd go  with Wbbo recommendations! Exchange it's quite a package. I don't put it in in the same DC and SQL Server box.  MS don't recommends this as I recall.

    I while ago I was able to run a Win2k3 box (P4 2.4GHz 512MB) working the DC and SQL Server 2000 and it did very well (it even was able to run Share Point Services sweet)

    Another thing is that I don't think it is a good idea to expose the DC to the internet.

    And now the real comment, this actually happend today in the company I'm working for:

    Our main server runs 6 out of 10 business core applications (w/out them this company just can't work) that server just happens to be the web server too AND being exposed to the internet.  Today an update went badly wrong and the OS (Win2K) stop working  besides that a memory bank got f@cked AND the cd-rom unit is not working properly so full reintallation is more a prayer that a reallity.

    So for short today for us all the hell broke loose and the crap hitting the fan soiling everything else.

    I hope you remember this the next time you want to put everything into a single server.


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    The important question: Is this a "real" server that customers/clients will be depending on often or is this a home network server? Regardless, I think the nature of it being an internet server means it would most likely bottleneck on internet bandwidth before the processor/disk/memory became an issue. DHCP, DNS, and AD require very little processing power (unless you have thousands of clients).

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    raptor3676 wrote:
    Well I'd go  with Wbbo recommendations! Exchange it's quite a package. I don't put it in in the same DC and SQL Server box.  MS don't recommends this as I recall.

    Unless your using SBS, when it is fully supported.  Have you looked into SBS, it's by far the cheapest way to do what you listed.

    And if you are doing this on the cheap, remember Backups, Backups, Backups....

    And one more thing, go with at least two hard drives, makes a world of difference to the speed of the thing.   


    EDIT:  Opps SBS is only SQL-2000.  Do you really need SQL-2005?

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