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Stuck in SProcs 'n' Constraints

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    I've got two applicable tables:

    Articles(ID bigint identity, CurrentRevision bigint Not Null)
    ArticleRevisions(ID bigint identity, InArticle bigint Not Null, Body ntext Not Null)

    There is a constraint between (Articles.CurrentRevision and ArticleRevisions.ID) and (ArticleRevisions.InArticle and Articles.ID)

    So question:

    How do I insert into Articles and ArticleRevisions in a "parallel way" which prevents the constraints coming into force?

    Sven suggests I make CurrentRevision nullable, are there any alternative methods?

    Also, what does SQL Server 2005 do to help this conundrum?


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    W3bbo wrote:
    Sven suggests I make CurrentRevision nullable

    I concur.  If CurrentRevision is nullable, you can insert into Articles first, insert into ArticleRevisions second, and finally update Articles.

    Or you could make InArticle nullable; insert into ArticleRevisions first; insert into Articles second; and finally update ArticleRevisions.

    Or, as suggested by leeappdalecom, you could programmatically "turn off" referential integrity during the sproc.

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    Refactor your database so that Revisions has an IsCurrent bit in it instead of the CurrentRevision int on Articles. You could then create a view that has the current one if you really need it.

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    Or... Three tables, Articles { Id, CurrentRevision } , Revisions { Id }, ArticleRevisions { Article.Id, Revisions.Id }. Then insert Revision, insert Articles, Insert ArticleRevisions.

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