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How to add a face book in SharePoint

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    I was wondering if anyone has come across an easy way to setup an employee face book in SharePoint, something to match the face to the name.  I'm not looking for anything to fancy, just there name, picture, extension, and department.  I've tried to set one up under pictures and under contacts but neither of them looked right.  Thanks for your help.


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    You could make a webpart in VS2003/VS2005 that loads a list from a database and displays the info you need.

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    A standard list with a Picture column should work.  The trick is getting it sync'd up with the HR system. (I wrote a console program to do that via Scheduled Tasks.)

    Paul Schaeflein

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    you can use KWizCom Picture library Plus web part
    It will allow you to present pictures in a nice presentation inside SharePoint, and have the meta data (name, last name) presented Below.

    send us your feedback....

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