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Whidbey's Upgrade Wizard not effective enugh?

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    Hello guys
        i tried to convert a project I once did in VB6, and the conversion wizard did convert it , however there are countless number of errors and things that can be fixed easily, but are just too many, that writing the application again is easier than going through each one in the code and fixing it.

    Why did Microsoft not make the wizard effective enough such that, controls that once were in vb6, and got their properties  and events and members changed due to version upgrades, make the wizard recognize these things and change them effectively.

    I mean why cant we just have a conversion, that works as well as upgrading VS2003 code to VS2005 code. Most have 0 erros , and 0 Bugs, you just convert and run.

    I wounder if the upgrade wizard, will be improved in Orcas such that we upgrade vb6 code and run too ?!Sad

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    VB6 and VB.Net are very different languages. That the conversion works at all is a miracle. I wouldn't expect the situation to get much better in Orcas, as by then VB6 will be 4 versions out of date and I wouldn't be surprised if automatic conversion was dropped entirely.

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    AndyC wrote:
    VB6 and VB.Net are very different languages.

    I wouldn't say they're "very different".

    ...they're totally different.

    The only similarity is the base syntax, for all intents and purposes VB.NET (VB7+) is just an alternative syntax to C#: a cover for MSIL.

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