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Smartphone doesn't sync

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    My Smartphone 2002 decided to stop synchronising with my PC ever since I tried to make my phone synchronise my tasks (which it seems to do when it feels like it, when I mark tasks as 'complete' the changes aren't reflected on my PC nor vice-versa, and contacts and calendar also sometimes don't sync  (but sometimes they do)

    I opened the ActiveSync app on the phone and noticed the "synchronise calendar" and "synchronise contacts" checkboxes were unchecked (hmm).

    But I noticed there wasn't a checkbox for tasks (yew0t?)

    After making the changes, it asked me if I wanted to delete everything on my phone (again, wtf?)

    I said "yes" (since I had everything copied over), but now it won't synchronise at all (instead it insists on using a "Mobile Information Server".)

    Any ideas?

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