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    hey all

    i have an application hosted in a shared environment, that server has a limit on the application pool (virtual memory 250mb, physical 100mb), my application keeps getting recycled.

    this is the error in the event log:
    A worker process with process id of '3872' serving application pool 'testapp_aspnet20' has requested a recycle because it reached its virtual memory limit. 

    currently its only calling couple of stored procedures per page load, it also does couple of ajax calls using ajaxpro.dll.

    ive used performance monitor but cannot see any memory leaks.

    when i use performance monitor to monitor issue tracker starter kit (process w3wp.exe - private and virtual bytes) the numbers are very similar to my application.

    any ideas?


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    As u said the Asp.Net worker process gets recycled if there is not enough memory available.

    Can you please post the code in ur page(if u have no issues) so that lets look in to some sort of optimisation, by deallocating the objects immediately after its use and things like that. or just mail it to (replace 'x' with a '.' -just to prevent spammers)


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    ScottGu posted a blog entry on this yesterday!

    What timing!

    Someone on a listserv recently asked whether there was a way to figure out why and when ASP.NET restarts application domains.  Specifically, he was looking for the exact cause of what was triggering them on his application in a production shared hosted environment (was it a web.config file change, a global.asax change, an app_code directory change, a directory delete change, max-num-compilations reached quota, \bin directory change, etc). 

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