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    Tyler Brown wrote:
    Create a property called FMA3.CurrentTool which would return the current tool, or FMA3.AlarmMsg, FMA3.HasAlarm, etc...

    This is where I started, but after looking at it I thought I could group things better. Working with the many properties of my Class FMA3, groups of similar properties started forming. I thought I could organize things better, putting similar properties together. So I started experimenting with nested classes and it worked. I could call FMA3.Alarm.Msg or FMA3.Alarm.Number, but I noticed another things it was hard to manage everything in one file. So I started breaking them out in separate files and that is where I ran into trouble.

    All I am trying to do is group similar properties together. Is there any other way of doing this besides FMA3.AlarmMsg, FMA3.HasAlarm, etc...?

    Thanks for your time explaining your thoughts.

    Tyler Brown wrote:

    What exactly does FMA3 stand for anyways?

    A FMA3 is a type of computer controlled machine that I am interfacing a computer with using FOCUS1.