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Dynamic distribution lists in exchange

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    Is there a way to create a dynamic DL in Exchange?  I have a system that tracks who's in the building and it would be nice to be able to send an email based on that information.

    The only way I can think of at the moment is to create a dummy address list, i.e. 'People on Site' and then write an SMTP event sink that re-writes the address list with the corect list of users.

    If anyone can think of a better way, I'd love to know.


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    Well, dynamic distribution lists in Exchange are called Query-based distribution lists.

    Theoretically, something like this could work, but QBDL's work based on an LDAP query.  Your tracking system would have to be able to dynamically update a certain attribute for all users.  If your system can do that, then you should be in luck.

    I should add that QBDL's require Windows 2003 AD and at least 1 Exchange 2003 server.

    If your tracking app can modify user information, you might consider using one of the custom attributes (ExtensionAttribute1 - 15) on a user account for this.


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    An intreasting idea.  Keeping it all in sync could be an issue though.

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