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Windows security logs?

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    They're over there on slashdot talking about Windows getting an indepedent security certification. They started talking about security logs. My question is, does Windows XP have any "security logs" feature?

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    event viewer under administrative tools has some security log options.
    mainly talks about privelege usage and log on/off events.

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    Administrative Tools->Event Log->Security

    To enable different types of auditing go to Administrative Tools->Local Security Policy, Local Policies->Audit Policy

    There you can select from (success/failure for each):

    • Audit account logon events
    • Audit account management
    • Audit directory service access
    • Audit logon events
    • Audit object access
    • Audit policy change
    • Audit privilege use
    • Audit process tracking
    • Audit system events

    Then if you've selected "object access" you can select auditing mask for any kernel object - including files/printers/etc.

    To set auditing for file: Windows Explorer/(select file/folder)->Properties - Security tab, Advanced and then Auditing Tab
    There you can add for which users/groups and what to audit.

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    Cool, guys. Thanks.

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