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MS E-Learning - Worth it?

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    Christmas time is here and I have two weeks off work Big Smile. plan for christmas - learn!

    I've got myself two design patterns / uml books as that is one of my requirements.

    However I was just looking at the MS e-learning stuff (currently on offer) and I was wondering if i should buy the 9 2.0 e-learning projects (price: $225?) which also comes with various ebooks.

    Has anyone looked at these yet? I have had a play around with 2.0 but nothing indepth.

    Done a fair bit of 1.1 development, but at work we haven't upgraded yet.

    What is your advice on the best way to use my two weeks off? (say week and a half - christmas).



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    I've done 2 and I can't recomend them. The online implementation seems nice but works horribly. (At least from europe) The download option is not complete. Since it requires IE and installs some activex components, it's also tricky for your system. Installing the components for the ASP.NET learning cripped my IE. I had to reinstall since you cant uninstall IE and reinstall.
    I guess they're cheap compared to real person-to-person courses.

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