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    How can you insert a symbol (ex. accent) into a textbox in VB? I want users to be able to click a button and the symbol that they click be inserted into the textbox named txtText. Thanks!Smiley

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    The easiest way would be to simply do something like:


    and then on button click


    to get the funny e, just simply hold down the ALT key and using the numeric keypad punch the DEC (base 10) value of item you wish.

    Here is the ASCII Table:

    Notice the column titled "Dec".

    So when I do, ALT+137  i get a:  ë

    Simple as that.

    OR, you can do something like this:

    Dim funnyE As Integer = 137
    txtText.Text = Convert.ToChar(funnyE)

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    what about math symbols?Perplexed

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    oh sorry, didn't see that the ascii table included math symbols. thanks a lot!

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