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MS Marketing needs a slap!

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    I hope someone with some clout reads this.

    1st off, thanks for my nine guy Tongue Out

    I originally bought a wm2003 imate SP3i with the hope of configuring exchange email for myself to then pass to my sales teams...
    Now I had a complete nightmare and could get hardly any help from anyone... so you read a bit on MS and read all about how wonderful email will be in ex SP2 with wm2005...

    So I apply sp2, fork out yet again for another rather expensive wm2k5 device and guess what! Problems Problems Problems... You read the mobile teams blog and your reading "We feel your pain..." WHAT? All your marketing gave the impression that this was all sorted with the two new technologies... I really dont get it and im really frustrated... MS Are the best at listening and helping customers so why for 1) are the marketing teams giving false impressions... 2) the mobile team letting the side down...

    lastly there is hardly anything on the web on this of any actual useful substance where you dont have to be a MVP in win CE to understand... Im too busy supporting all my users I simply cant technically and physically get around everything.

    We want some "How To's" and scenario's where by someone has sucessfully configured behind ISA etc... you have the time and the know how so give us what we want! Big Smile

    Please please MS sort it out when it comes to mobile, you have the right idea but your really letting things slip as I want to have MS smartphone mail for me and my collegues etc, but at the min only the bloody Blackberry will work.

    Most importantly is I actually feel as if MS have lied to me... which is the first time I have ever thought that since starting using MS 12 years ago... hope its not a sign of things to come...

    take care,

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