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December CTP for Vista - setting the enviornment for Windows SDK

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    I have installed the December CTP components:

    Vista 5270
    Windows SDK (WinFX, Vista Platform SDK, etc)
    WinFX Runtimes and Extentions for VS 2005 incl. Cider

    I am trying to use the Vista specific APIs in a simple Windows based app. Currently just playing with the Task Dialog APIs, but I also noticed some of the samples in the SDK don't work in Vista (if they are using Vista-specific APIs).

    Here's what I've tried:

    1. Just run the VS 2005 from start menu, create a simple MFC app and write the task dialog sample using SDK documentation. It's not finding the task dialog header definations. I've tried including the right header file, changing the VC include directories, etc.

    2. Run the SDK command prompt, and then start devenv.exe from there... repeat step 1 ... no gain.

    3. Run the Sdk prompt, use nmake and makefile and compile a simple C++ program that launches the task dialog.

    In all cases its complaining about the header and function definations for these Vista specific APIs. Its finding the header files, except its just using the VC++ version or the default (and not the Windows SDK version that defines a newer set of APIs).

    How are you guys programming on Windows Vista? Anyone has expereince using these vista-specific APIs? these would be the TaskDialog, RestartManager, IFilter, etc..

    FYI, some of the samples compile on XP ... but they don't work well because the OS isnt supporting these features. Right now I can't even get the compilation done in Vista.


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    Ok, I've got this working.

    There was some issue with the paths (readme doc had probably and old path for the include dirs and I copied those, but my install on Vista was different - this is for the windows SDK).

    The trick is to manually add these. I read the whole readme that comes with the SDK, and they mention towards the end that this release's env file  / command prompt will not set the lib/include folders in the VS IDE. So you have to manually add the 4 include and 2 lib directory paths. Note, that the folder in the readme is incorrect so make sure the verify (there is a 'check' button in the VS->Tools->Options->....C++ Directories dialog. You can verify if the include/lib path you entered is valid or not.

    Once that's done, just rebuild the app and it should work. I've made the SDK includes/libs folders come before the VC++ 8.0's folders, since my main goal is to develop apps targetted for Vista, so it should pick the headers and libs from the sdk first and if not found, go to the VC++ 8.0.

    I was able to create my first TaskDialog Smiley Woohoo!! Now just need some goddamn samples on that thing! Smiley (goes for other vista-specific APIs too...). I know the SDK team is working really lets hope the next release has these samples.

    - Keeron

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