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File Summary Tab

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    How to Manipulate File Summary Tab Information Using C#.NET?

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    I don't think there is a documented way to do it. I believe that information is a combination the following:

    - User entered data stored in an undocumented NTFS alternate file stream.
    - Information extracted from the file's OLE document properties, if any exist.
    - Metadata from common file formats (like various media files).

    All this is likely extracted either by a built in property sheet handler for the Summary tab or by some other component that supplies the info to that handler.

    And I probably wouldn't bother with it as Vista's search APIs will replace it.

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    I got it...........

    Just check it out on the following link, but its limited to OLE files.........;EN-US;q224351

    [6]Manoj T

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    is anyone able to retrieve and manipulate information in the summary tab with non-microsoft-word file?

    I am able to do this with word, excel, etc but I cant with normal file eg: wmv, mp3, ...

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