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form keeps loosing focus on VS2005

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    hello guys
    I have this problem, where one form opens a new instance of a nother form, via a button click event in the first form. Now there is a text box in the second form. when i press enter in that text box, its supposed to fireup a method, and it does what it does

    but after this is happened , the second form loses its focus, and the first one, becomes on top of it,  although the second form is highlighted..

    i checked if the property TopMost is set to true or not, but neither of the two forms has this property set to true by default

    so why does the second form keep loosing its focus, and the first one gets the focus, or get to the topmost position....

    the first form is the startup form

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    Post the code please.


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    after some investigation into my code i fixed the problem

    With Browser.Document.Body
                .InnerHtml = String.Concat(.InnerHtml, "<small>", HTMLMsg, "</small><br>")
                .ScrollTop = CInt(.InnerHtml.Length() * 1000)
     End With

    the .RemoveFocus () removed the focus not from the webbrowser control, but from all the form, and that was what happened

    i meant to remove focus from the webbrowser only, and not from the entire form

    so i just removed that line and all worked as expected

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