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search music files based on part of the music

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    hi guys, is there a way to find a music file, on your computer, based on part of the file? like you have a brief clip of a bigger clip, but dont remember the singer or what the name of the file, and want to find it or the original, is there a way to put the file with the portion of the file, and have it do a compararive based on music tones and pitch signals, and get me all files that have that part of the song? same thing with pictures?

    like searching for a word file that contains a word or a sentence or a paragraph?Expressionless

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    There was a company that would let you play a portion of a song into your cell phone and it would tell you what it was. I don't know if it ever took off, or whether it's still available, but it shows that it is possible.

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    the company that provides the service u mentioned is .u can read this article to know or have an idea of how it can be implemented

    EDIT: here is a jukebox software with source code based on same logic as discussed in the article.

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