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How Can I Extend Partition

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    Hi Sir,

    How can I Extend C partition on Win2003

    I get the following error :
    Note: if I right click on c: and go to extended volume then I got this error 

    The Selected volume is a system or boot disk or was created on a basic disk in an earlier version of windows and cannot be extended



    I would appreciate if somebody could help me out in resolving this issue.


    Ganga Sagar Sharma

    Vizualize Technologies LLC

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    daniel schuster


    as far as I know there's no way to do it.
    I have tried serveral programs and methods (raid-systems, mirroring), at least no success.
    I think you have to setup a new server.  At my server I have put all program files and temp stuff to another partition, so it works with 4GB Systempartition.
    Sorry for bad news.


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    Edit:  I think i misread the question and totally mis-understood what the original poster was asking about, but ... well i'll leave this here, anyway.....

    You can't do it through windows, as its the system partition.  You'll need something like Partition Magic (PowerQuest).  I used it a LOT in the past, but haven't touched it in a few years.  Acronis has something that does something like this.  But since you're dealing with a server, everything is order of n more expensive.

    Either way, you can do it, but you're going to have to take the machine offline to do it, and you're going to have to pay a few hundred for the utility to do it.  If its a box that can't come down, you're better off moving the box.  To help with the move, you can use imaging software to copy the system drive to a new box.  Acronis has stuff to do this, too.  When restoring, you can specify the new partition size.

    For the record, I don't work for Acronis.  I've just had good experiences with their software....  I'm sure there are other utilities that will do similar functions.  Google partition resize and disk imaging.  You'll probably find some cheaper (or free) stuff.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your prompt response on my query. I appreciate your suggestion for my problem  and may be I will have to work on those lines then.


    Ganga Sagar

    +91 9833212995
    Vizualize Technologies LLC

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