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How to convert custom code to CSharp?

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    I'm trying to make an application where you can input a custom code language I made in one textbox, press a button and it should convert it to CSharp into another textbox.

    I have no problem with converting simple voids and brackets, but how can I use variables, and statements like if..then etc.?

    I would really like some help on this, thanks.

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    Probably you should read the SharpDevelop source code, and learn how SharpDevelop does it in C#.


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    Sven Groot

    You're talking about writing a compiler for your language that outputs C#. Depending on how different your language is from C#, this could be very, very complex.

    You will probably need to write a parser for your language. Rarely anybody writes parsers by hand anybody, instead they use parser generators, somtimes called compiler compilers. One such toolset for C# are the Compiler tools for C# (scroll down a bit to find the download). But even just learning the ins and outs of using a parser generator, especially if you're not already familiar with existing ones such as lex/yacc, can be quite a time-consuming task.

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    Deactivated User

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    yman wrote:
    I created a language in VB.NET which transfered the language's code into VB.NET which is then compiled using codedom.

    Yeah exactly, well I know how to use codedom, but I dunno how to transfer the custom language...

    Like this for example:


    should become:


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