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Separate instances of Acrobat

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    Anyone know how to get acrobat to open each pdf in a seperate instance of Acrobat Reader?   I'm getting feed up clicking the wrong [x] in acrobat and have all the docs I had open close! Smiley  It would be nice to be able to see two pdf's side by side as well.



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    I don't think you can.

    I tried using the "runas" trick, but I got a fatal exception.

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    Aptly Goodie

    Why do that anyway. Just use Ctrl+W to close the document. In fact, it's better to use MDI since you can automatically tile the child windows horizontally or vertically in Windows > Tile, as per request. Only problem is you cannot easily know which documents are loaded. No tabs. Though the Windows menu helps some.

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    Fine until you start trying to spreading the docs over multiple monitors.

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    How about IE...?

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    Run: acrobat.exe /n

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    re acrobat.exe /n

    Thank you very much!  I have been searching for that for 3 months now!
    Big Smile

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