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Explorer thumbnails not reflecting image

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    On some images in my possession, Explorer's thumbnail view presents a slightly different image to the image displayed in PAF-Viewer.

    Initially I thought this was just because of it missing out pixels during interpoliation, but now I realise some are right-off.

    For instance, I've got a picture of a city bus with a picture of dog fecal matter poorly photoshopped on top of it, the pasted image completely covers the left side of the bus, yet when viewed in thumbnail mode details completely obscured by the pasted image are complelely visible, such as the driver's door and the wheels.

    ...can *.jpg files contain more than one image (like GIFs) or something?

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    Probably just the thumbnail cache (thumbs.dat) gone awry.  Delete it and it should be better.

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    No, I have "Do not cache thumbnails" checked in Folder Options and this was a new JPEG I downloaded from t'internet.

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    Aptly Goodie

    I had the same problem and never found a way to solve it. Although I think it may very well be the fact that JPEGs contain more than one image... perhaps because of EXIF?

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    I know when you save files in PhotoShop it gives you the choice of also saving the thumbnail version. Maybe it's embedded somehow and the OS is using the embedded thumbnail?

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