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Thirdparty controls for Visual Studio 2005

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    For the past eight years, my company was working with Borland Delphi technology.  Now moving on to Visual Studio 2005 for our new gen application.  We find ourselves in a tight spot choosing between two thirdparty controls packages for VS2005.
    Can anybody help us by giving some hints on DevExpress and Infragistics controls?  We would like to know how good these two packages enjoy the backings from real developers.
    I am new to this place and do not know if the question is allowed here(because of the no preaching, no marketing).  Sorry if I upset the group.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I like the Infragistics controls overall.

    They are very consistent in the development approach and so experience working with one control can assist with speeding up familiarity with another.

    We use most of the controls they have and I have only experienced one "why the crap was that there" bug that was quickly (1 day) fixed by the dev team.

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    We use Infragistics controls almost exclusively. They are very flexible and mostly have a consistent underlying model. There are a few niggles, the help files could be better, some controls seems needlessly complicated, some controls seem to duplicate other controls functionality but do it slightly differently. But, overall, we're very happy to pay the yearly subscription for 3 updates a year and a whole load of useful and good looking controls.

    We use the Windows Forms Grid, Editors, Tree & Tabs most followed by the Explorer Bar, Docking control and Tabbed MDI Manager.

    Support is good with replies usually within two working days.


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    El Bruno

    +1 to Infragistics

    Bye from Spain

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    Thanks very much for all the responses.  It seems more developers are having experience with Netadvantage of Infragistics. (This is the idea we gather from the above posts and from other resources)
    We were making comparison studies and found both DevExpress and Infragistics controls very much flexible.  BUT, one downside of Infragistics Netadvantage grid control was readily visible:  The grouping facility is slow compared to the Devexpress XtraGrid.  In this, XtraGrid is fast. Very fast.  We were checking with an ODBC  dataset containing 150,000 records.
    But that alone does not make us take a decision yet.

    Thank you all once again.

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    The best 3rd party controls I have ever seen are these of ComponentArt.

    They are mainly for ASP.NET development.  Just amazing what richness you can provide in a browser!!!

    Just look at their Grid control for ASP.NET for example:

    Unless someone can point me to another one that I haven't seen yet, I think this is the best package available on the surface of this Earth.

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