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Video Streaming

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    Hey Guys,
            Can anyone suggest designing the simplest way of video streaming? I want to put on somevideos over web to be watched over web 3*5 or full screen using real or windows player. Thats the idea.
            . Easy and simlpe. 
            Also any suggestion for storing videos ?
            Storing in googlevideos or anywhere doent matter whicver
            is  cheaper. Any good hosting recommendations? 

        Arun Smiley       

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    simplest way? just upload-it and set the server mime type if not set already

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    Also I think you should consider your video encoding.  For example, bit-rate of your video is a key factor of streaming performance.
    In addition, you can study how to show your video contents with Windows Media Player at this site.  Pls see any sources of Web page which has WMV content.

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    If you're looking for someplace to store videos, both YouTube and Google Video are very popular (and painless) video sites.

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