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View Thread: Ruby on Rails vs. ASP.NET Deathmatch!!!
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    I'll have a look at some of those demos later. I read some basic RoR tutorials a while back and wasn't overly impressed. To impress me I need to see something complex and then judge the comprehensibility of the code, rather than see how few lines some trivial problem can be solved in.

    And without turning this into a Ruby discussion - I like strongly typed languages because I like to find type errors at compile time. And I'm very sceptical of "productivity improvement" claims regardless of where they come from.  I had enough of using dynamic/weak typed languages at university where we'd get the program written and then spend hours hunting down the stupidest little errors that only became apparent at runtime. Oh, and there's nothing particularly modern about Ruby except that it's a johnny-come-lately. The ideas have been around for decades - dynamic typing is as old as strong typing. If you missed out on having to code in LISP, consider yourself lucky.