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View Thread: Ruby on Rails vs. ASP.NET Deathmatch!!!
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    unix? wrote:

    Since I know about RoR I have fun in programming again and I am much faster and more productive. I hope that RoR will have such a success like PHP. Java and .NET are in my point of view old technology (about 10 years) and have a syntax like C/C++ (much older).

    I may be mistaken but Wasn't the first release of .NET in Visual Studio .NET 2002? Which makes it only 3-4 Years old (depends how you want to count Tongue Out )

    And about your C Syntax remark, C is a very useable syntax and if not the most popular syntax.
    It's easy to code and understand and it's soo widespread that it become a 'standard'.

    But I just watched the flikr demo, and I must say wow.

    I'm in love with PHP and javascript, and really dislike ASPs way of doing things as what I type in my source isn't what is actually displayed for the user.

    But I don't think it will catch on anytime soon, around 2-5 years if all goes well.

    But yer, i'll stick with my javascript and php Wink