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View Thread: Ruby on Rails vs. ASP.NET Deathmatch!!!
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    From 2002 untill now C#/ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0; windows application, compact .NET, web-services, SQL server and before 2002 VC++/MFC and ... I'v done.
    So I know "microsoft" enough to speak about it.
    Day by day something was comming close to me and at last I realized it. I am not programming; I am microsofting. I am doing stupid things just because microsoft does not want loose titely coupling between it's products.
    I am a part of microsoft machine.
    In less than 1 year I will no longer have anything microsoftish on my computer. I have strongly started that.
    .NET seems good? Still to me? Yes! but my experiences with MS says to me that's just a new, huge, well managed kind of faking things.
    If anyone wants going microsoftish - and there are enough - I do not care anymore.
    No one likes to be used! Me too!