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View Thread: Mix VB.NET & C# not possible?
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    dotnetjunkie wrote:
    reinux: I was not talking about executables or libraries but a simple class file or webservice in a web project!

    The files in your App_Code directory are compiled on the fly as well, just like the pages, so it must be an architectural limitation!

    It seems that everything in App_Code is compiled together in one assembly???!!

    Can someone from the team tell a bit more about the exact limitations / architecture and possible solutions?

    Ahh sorry, I misread.

    Weird... I always thought you could do it.

    I can see it being a limitation of CodeDom's architecture though, since CodeDom can spit out assemblies but it can't spit out just raw objects.

    There'd be ways to get around it, I'm sure, like ILMerge does, but I guess they figured it wouldn't be worth the trouble Sad