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Docking windows?

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    Hi all,

    With the frustration msn messenger not being able to dock onto somewhere on my screen and also having have to manage my 20 + IE  windows, I was thinking of writting an application that does just that.

    But to start off with, i just want to be able to dock an existing window and resize it, ie. be able to have control over an existing window. I know this is doable since the task bar in windows comes with "Cascade Windows", "Tile windows horizontally" etc.

    What I want to get to eventually is to define a docking template invisibly and to be able dock say "MSN Messenger" inside one of the docking area.

    Any ideas of where I can start off? I want to do this in .net. Alternatively if you think there is already something out there that does this, please do send me a link.


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    I would love this too, have you seen the latest xgl vids....
    I think they do this somewhere...

    Well i would like to drag a windows title bar to the side of my desktop and say if i leave it there for 2seconds it docks, and i can drag it away again.

    I have no idea how to help you, but if you do it, it would be great.

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