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Computer Science Final Year Project

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    Hello, So Easter is coming, final year starts in September and I my mind is a bit blank about what to do for my final year project. I was thinking about doing a VoIP C# Framework but I don't know how interesting that would be (or even how good as a project) What I want is someone to point me in the direction of good and bad project ideas. At the moment I do not know what a bad project would be. Anyone just done/doing there final year? Got any advice for me ? Everyone else - what do you think to my idea? Please let me know what you think. Thanks Ben

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    I guess it depends on whether you think you might stay on as a postgrad, if so I would definitely choose something in the area you think you intend to study.

    Probably the most important thing is to get a supervisor for the final project that you can trust and will push you, in fact if you have a lecturer you think fits the role go ask him/her tomorrow (unless you're on hols) if they will consider being your supervisor next year, and run your ideas past them - it helps if it is within their area of expertise.  This'll also give you an idea of whether they are more interested in the implementation or in the research.

    A VOIP project would be interesting although possibly a bit of a push given your other work, but don't forget the C# bit is irrelevant to the project, it is the VOIP that is of interest.

    Can I ask which Uni you are at?

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    At the University of Herfordshire in the UK.

    I have ran the idea past one or two lectures, and they say it sounds cool and interesting but can't provide information on how good the project would be because they don't know the details of VoIP.

    Currently on placement at the moment which makes it really hard to sit down and speak to anyone at the Uni. Plus I think all the lectures are off for Easter. Out of the lectures I respect, I emailed one who said the above comment, one is a linux/C++ guru who is cool! and would be a great supervisor however is completely anti-microsoft and wouldnt allow me to do it in C# (and no way i'm doing it in java, C++ might be cool tho if not hard).

    Another one I haven't spoke to for a while, but had him in my first year and was really really good lecturer, signed up for his networking module in my final year so I will drop him a email, see what he says and if I could arrange a meeting with him. I don't know how the uni assigns lectures -> students, think its luck of the draw Sad

    I think the project I would do would only be the SIP (and combined Skype) Client so it would use the protocol required for the end user - don't know how do-able that is tho - sounds cool. Means I would just use a SIP server off the shelf - like Asterix. (is exchange 12 a sip server??)

    Thanks for your reply tho.

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    How about a C# component that would enable voice capability in an application over TCPIP or UDP?

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    Detroit Muscle

    Ever considered making an entry for the IEEE micro mouse competition? They make very good senior design projects:

    Somehow I feel making a C# framework wont look very good on a resume, and be very boring.

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    I understand what you are saying, but I wouldn't know where to start with the micromouse. I admit a c# framework isn't very interesting but its better than a video library or stock management system which some people did last year. I think going into the hardware world is a no no for me - no matter how cool it would look. Software level for me Smiley thanks tho.

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    Detroit Muscle wrote:
    Ever considered making an entry for the IEEE micro mouse competition? They make very good senior design projects:

    Somehow I feel making a C# framework wont look very good on a resume, and be very boring.

    I have to agree with "Detroit Muscle", building a Micromouse would be a great project.

    Here is one of the micromice I have designed:

    (click for full size picture)

    Robotics is great, but might seem a bit challenging if you are not an EE student.
    You might also want to get a kit to focus on the software side of things.

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    cool advice mate!! All has been taken on board.

    My Proof of concept is going to be done during my summer break, just want to get a C# app calling a VoIP phone on another internet connection.  Think I might buy a Tesco's internet phone for £20 to play with Smiley

    along with at least another good idea POC in case VoIP falls though due to something.  What that is at the moment tho I have no idea.

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    Dr Herbie

    Now's a good time to decide what you want to do after you finish your course.
    Then you can pick a topic that compliments it (and would look useful on your CV).

    I got my first programming contract on the back of my MSc project (serial port control of laboratory equipment --  it was more than a decade ago Smiley ).

    VOIP sounds like a good choice, make sure your backup plan is also relevant to what you want to do next.


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    Is the name of the c++/linux guru Bob.

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    It is indeed - ex student? or a guess? He's cool, been there before the internet! btw - still no final year project idea Sad VoIP is looking like a no no - kinda bored of that idea now....

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    Funnily enough i'm a current final year student there, doing VoIP. I did mine in Java / JMF, was a pretty stupid idea due to JMF being undocumented / unmaintained, however got it all working in the end.

    If you really really want a specialist degree you'll have to do an open project, however I was looking at the guided projects and they're really really REALLY easy, possible to finish it in a week for a 2.1+.

    The VoIP project i'm doing is 6 times harder than guided. The difficulty between open and guided is so stupid and I doubt the marking scheme will account for this.

    You're doing placement this year, so last year you were in year 2? Maybe same time as me, I skipped placement. Did you have to do the group SSD2 coursework?

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    Cool mate!! (stole my idea tho! Tongue Out)

    Yes mate on placement at the moment in WGC so last year would have been in your year.

    I did do group SSD2 coursework, well if you call it group and if you call it work...... hated SSD2 but from placement I am looking at it in a different light and so doing FOOD next year.

    It would be cool if you dropped me a email (address in profile), would be great to pick your brain about certain topics - your the only person I know doing more than a half decent project.....  Good to see C9'ers from the uni here Big Smile

    So as your the person in the know at the moment.  What do you recommend looking for in a final year project?
    The guided ones are not even worth looking at for a actual project, I am going for a first and you aren't going to get that with them.....unless ... no don't think you would

    How did the uni/tutor take to your VoIP project?  Who is your tutor at the moment?

    Good to see you mate, Ben

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    I was in your situation a year ago (although a bit different). I am a student of Industrial Automatics and Informatics. I didn't want to go deep into microcontrollers, capacitors and the like, I am a software developer, and I wanted my project to be mainly focused on programming, rather than designing circuits. However this was not entirely possible, so I had to stick some hardware stuff also.

    A professor gave me an excellent idea, which wasn't quite original, but still, it saved me. He told me to build a 3D object scanner. The hardware part consists of controlling a stepper motor through the parallel port, which is quite easy and there is alot of dcumentation about this on the internet. The other part consists of using a webcam, setting its parameters and taking shots.

    The working principle can be found here (it's not my site):

    For this I am using C# 2.0, Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition, Avalon/WPF, DirectShow, Direct3D, and maybe more. Anyway, the project isn't yet finished, after presenting it, I wil most likely put it somewhere, with source code included.

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    I was thinking about maybe a SETI type of project,  but where companies could use the office machines to do data processing over night all from a central resource.

    Could be hard as never done anything like that - but might be cool, and also useful - save renting super computer time - just wait until your 1000 employees leave at 5.   10 hours * 1000 computers = cool!

    What do you think?

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    I am just finishing my final year project. Spent the whole year messing around with a way of creating games with voice recognition. Did it all in VB.Net too.

    VOIP sounds good. When you choose what platform to develop with, just use the best tool for the job. Don't purposefully make life difficult for yourself because of your universities skills alignment. So what if all the lecturers hate Microsoft and love C++. You do what you think is best, for your project. You can even white a whole section of your final report slating C++ and say why C# is so much better if you like, as you need to state why you chose to develop with whatever you did over what you didn't.

    I think the best projects have been the ones that are scalable where little success is good, but more success is better. That way the project scales well depending on the time you have. And if you find you can do something cool while researching or developing then your project can be adapted quickly.

    Best bit of advice I can give however is to tell you to do a little bit of footwork before September. Get a very basic proof of concept working. Then you will know if VOIP is what you want to do or not. And you won't wast time understanding the very basics of your project's underlying technologies.

    P.S. Also remember that when you go for job interviews having a cool final year project that you can talk about could help get you the job.

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